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What is a diamond? Most natural diamonds are formed at high pressure and high tempreture conditions which exist at depths of 87 - 120 miles (140 - 190 Kilometers) in the Earths mantle.
Diamonds are thought to have first been mined in India. The popularity of diamonds has increased since the 19th Century and because of this in the 20th Century experts in gemology have developed methods of grading diamonds. This is where the 4 Cs derived from.
The 4 Cs are as follows. Carat - This is the weight and size of a diamond. Cut - This is the proportions and facets of a diamond. Colour - This is when a diamond is graded on its colour range, yellow to colourless. Clarity - This is when a diamond is graded on how many or how few natural inclusions it has and the types of inclusions. A fancy cut diamond is anything other than a Round Brilliant Cut diamond. Princess cut, Radiant cut, Asscher cut, Emerald cut, Baguette cut, Trillion cut, Pear cut, Oval cut, Heart cut, Marquise cut.
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