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Diamond Certification

A diamond certificate is grading of a diamond by an independent company. A certificate includes all the details of the diamond such as the dimensions, clarity, polish, symmetry and other characteristics.

Diamond grading involves evaluating the qualities of an individual diamond and deciding how its qualities reflect its rarity and value. Diamond value is based on the Four C's: Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat weight. In combination, these four factors provide a way to discuss diamonds and to compare one diamond to another.

Cut refers to a diamond's proportions and the quality of its finish. A well-cut diamond captures the light around it and makes that light perform in breathtaking ways. The cut also refers to shape and faceting style. Diamond shapes include round brilliant as well as fancy cuts such as princess, emerald cuts, pears, and marquise.

Clarity is the relative absence of inclusions and blemishes, collectively called clarity characteristics. Inclusions are totally enclosed in a diamond or extend into it from the surface. Blemishes are confined to surface of a polished diamond. Inclusions normally have more impact on a diamond's beauty and value than blemishes. Diamonds without clarity characteristics are extremely rare, which makes them extremely valuable.

Colour relates to the amount of body color in a diamond. Truly colourless diamonds are very rare and valuable. Most diamonds used in jewellery are near-colourless, with at least some trace of yellow or brown. Diamonds also come in deeper shades of yellow and brown, as well as in a variety of other colours. These make up the category of fancy-coloured diamonds. With near-colourless diamonds, less colour means higher value. With fancy colours the opposite is true, more colour usually means higher value.

Carat weight is simply the weight of a diamond. Diamonds are weighed in metric carats. A carat equals one-fifth of a of gram.

When buying a certificated diamond you can guarantee that your diamond has been evaluated, measured and scrutinised by trained eyes.

Here is an example of a diamond certificate that you would get with your diamond ring:

There are also diamond dossiers which provide a summary of the diamond along with the diamonds unique identification code which can be linked back to the grading laboratories database.

There are three diamond certificate companies that are well sought after. The most recognised certification is by GIA (Gemmological institute of America), IGI (International Gemmological Institute) and HRD (Hoge Rood Voor Diament).

diamond certificate organisations

The above organisations do not buy, sell of give valuations of diamonds or other gems; they are there simply to give a certificate as to the quality of the diamonds they receive. This means there is no benefit in any way for them to wrongly classify a diamond as better than it actually is.

We buy these diamonds already certified which means they may cost a little more than our good commercial quality range diamonds. We only use local well respected diamond dealers to ensure that the diamonds you are buying are completely conflict free.

Please pop in store or give us a call to see what diamonds we have in stock, If we haven't got exactly what you're looking for, we can contact our suppliers and get a range of diamonds in for you to view. We can also get a selection of mounts in and can normally set the diamond on the same day.