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Have you got old or unwanted jewellery that, although sentimental, is sitting around collecting dust or your jewellery box is full of pieces you just don’t like anymore? We have many customers in this position and they choose to have their jewellery melted down and or transformed into something that they will fall in love with and enjoy wearing again. You can specify the design you want or leave it to our design team and they can offer designs based on the ideas and budget you give.

At G H Moore and son we can take old broken gold or jewellery that has been passed down and turn them into wedding rings or we have even made little charms for bracelets for all family members to enjoy, and much much more.

Over the years we have created many redesigns and restoration items for our customers, it can be as simple as replacing a missing stone, or completely creating a new design with your gold and gemstones.

Take a look below at some designs and ideas, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will discuss the options with you. 

*melt and roll process to create matching wedding rings*


*complete redesign using two rings to make one, cad design & wax model provided for customer*



* using customers own gold to make multi strand stone set band, cad design provided for customer* 



* melt and roll using old gold to make double twist band *


*claw re-tipping, stone re-setting and a polish & rhodium plate*

*rings passed down to our customer by loved ones, had them brought together to make a stunning trilogy ring* 




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