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Garnet - January birthstone

Mohs Hardness  7 to 7.5

Mined From  Brazil, India, Tanzania, Nambia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Burma, Iran & Kenya.

Group   Garnet

Species   Pyrope, Almandine, Spessartine, Andradite, Grossularite, Uvarovite

Typical Cutting Style   Cabochon and Faceted

Colour  Pyrope : Light dark pinkish orange, reddish orange to yellowish orange. Almandine : dark brown orange to brownish red purple. Spessartine : orange red, brown ( it will always show an orange component) Andradite : green to yellow green shades. Grossularite : near colourless to light-dark green. Uvarovite : light to dark green, yellow green to brown green.

Chemistry   Pyrope : Mg3Al2 (SiO4)3 Magnesuim aluminium silicate.

                     Almandine : FeAl2 (SiO4)3 Iron aluminium silicate.

                     Spessartine : MnAl2 (SiO4)3 Manganese aluminium silicate.

                     Grossularite : Ca3Al2 (SiO4)3 Calcium aluminium silicate.

                     Andradite : Ca3Fe2 (SiO4)3 Calcium iron silicate.

                     Uvarovite : Ca3Cr2 (SiO4)3 Calcium chromium silicate.

Inclusions   Pyrope, Needle like included crystals or irregular rounded inclusions, Almandine, Needle and crystal inclusions, Spessartine, feather like liquid inclusions and needle-like inclusions,

Grossularite, partially healed fractures, finger prints and small graphite platelets, Andradite,yellowish-brown curving, radiating, needle like and horsetail inclusions, Uvarovite, usually consists of small closely packed crystal inclusions.

Cleaning & Care  Warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush will help maintain the sparkle of your Garnet. Ultra sonic machine cleaning is generally safe except for rare instances when the stone has fractures. Steam cleaning is not recommended. Garnet can be damaged by hydrofluoric acid. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives, visit us on a yearly basis for a FREE clean and polish service.

Storing Your Garnet  When you are not wearing your Garnet jewellery place it in a cloth pouch or in a separate compartment to other gemstone jewellery (i.e. emerald, sapphire, ruby, diamond are higher on the Mohs hardness scale) they could cause scratches to your Garnet jewellery.

Interesting Facts   Almandine is the most familiar of the species of mineral that make up the garnet group. The stone was first found in Ancient Roman times, in a town called alabanda in Asia Minor which is  now known as Turkey. Pyrope garnets get there name from the greek word Pyropos which translates at fiery eyed, it is easy to see how they got their name as the finest pyrope garnets have a glowing red colour.

Noah is said to have recognised garnets inner fire and used it as a lamp on the bow of the Ark.

In 1970 an exciting new gem was found in Kenyas Tsavo national park, this gem was named as Tsavorite by Tiffany & Co in 1974.