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Restoration & Re-design

Restoration & Re-design

At G H Moore and Son the biggest majority of our jewellery is manufactured on the premises by skilled craftsmen who have all trained at the renowned School of Jewellery and have had over 50 years of combined experience in the jewellery and manufacturing trade. 

Mastering the art of restoration and re-design they can take a piece of your jewellery that has needs some TLC and get it back to you looking as good as new. We can do this in a number of ways, it maybe re-tipping claw settings that have worn and stones have fallen out or become loose or simply starting again with your gold/stones to create a new piece to love and wear. 

A melt and roll procedure is something we do on a regular basis for our customers, this is the process of taking your broken, old and treasured items and melting them down to start again from scratch. Over the years we have made many beautiful bespoke pieces including wedding rings that contains the gold of jewellery that has been passed down from loved ones who may no longer be here. 

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Please get in touch with any of your restoration or re-design enquiries at 0121 523 6488 or