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Titanium & Zirconium Wedding Rings

Titanium & Zirconium Wedding Rings

  • Titanium and Zirconium rings are extremely hard wearing and are suitable for people that have hands on jobs.
  • Titanium and Zirconium are both very light weight and are comfortable to wear if you are not used to wearing jewellery.
  • Both Zirconium and Titanium are hypoallergenic metals so they are perfect for those of you who are allergic to other metals.
  • Titanium and Zirconium rings are not a precious metal so the price is an advantage if you are working to a budget.
Titanium rings have become increasingly more popular over the last decade. It has a low density making it very light in weight. It is a very strong metal that is corrosion resistant so is suitable for people that work with chemicals. Zirconium is a naturally grey coloured material and can give a truly unique look with its black ceramic coating which happens during a baking process.

Both Zirconium and Titanium are abundant, but its incredible strength makes it more difficult to work than softer metals such as gold.

We use 99.2% pure commercial grade titanium for our rings making them hypoallergenic, Customers who have found that they can not wear other metals have been able to wear titanium rings.We also use aircraft grade titanium it is much harder than commercial grade titanium. We do have to make you aware that aircraft grade can not be cut off in case of emergency.

We have recently made rings using a valve from an F1 Ferrari and from a Harrier jump jet plane. Please contact us if you have any special requirements and we can make you a bespoke titanium ring.

To make your ring a little more special you could have a silver or gold inlay put into the ring. You can always have a bespoke engraving inside or outside of your ring, you can even have your own fingerprints. WOW.

We also have a vast range of diamond set titanium engagement rings. The diamonds really stand out against the titanium because of titanium is a dark gun metal grey colour.

Any Titanium or Zirconium ring purchased from G H Moore & Son comes with a life time guarantee. If you ever need the ring polishing just pop it in to us and we will have it looking as good as new again.

We are currently the only Titanium and Zirconium ring manufacturer in England that has a shop, so please feel free to pop in and see us with any design ideas you may have.